Yoga Burn Review: Zoe Bray Cotton’s Program Really Works

Yoga Burn Review: Zoe Bray Cotton’s Program Really Works

Yoga is more popular than ever. But crowded, expensive studios are a total headache. I’ve written about all the problems with modern yoga here before. So today I’m going to tell you about a popular alternative to stuffy yoga studios.

Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray Cotton is an at-home yoga program that works for people of all skill levels. You can follow the program at your own pace, get in fantastic shape and have your best body ever in just a few weeks.

The program might not be for everybody but the people who try it are raving about it. So in this Yoga Burn review I’ll try to address all the pros and cons so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

About Zoe Bray Cotton

yoga burn reviewsZoe Bray Cotton is the creator of the Yoga Burn program. According to the program website she is an internationally certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and female body transformation specialist. You can get a feel for her teaching style on her YouTube channel. (Keep in mind that the videos in her program are longer and go way more in-depth.)

What I like about Zoe Bray Cotton is that she decided to use her expertise to make a high-quality yoga program for an affordable price. This sets her apart from all the creepy “yogis” who want you to shell out thousands of dollars for retreats and special trainings. I believe yoga should be affordable for everybody and it seems like she agrees!

How Yoga Burn Works

Did you know that yoga injuries cause more doctor’s visits per year than any other exercise activity? That might be surprising because we usually think of yoga as gentle, but it turns out that lots of instructors teach it wrong. According to Zoe there are several mistakes that most yoga teachers make that trigger increased stress and harm your body. This is exactly what Yoga Burn helps you avoid.

Here’s what makes Yoga Burn different:

  1. Stress-free setting. When you can practice in the comfort of your home you don’t have to worry about traffic, crowded rooms, feeling self-conscious, or dudes sweating on you. You take yoga so you can feel relaxed, right? But yoga studios might only increase your stress levels. Not good.
  2. Workouts at your skill level. A typical yoga class is going to have the full range of experience levels. That means they have to adapt the class to everybody, which is a problem for both beginners and advanced people. If you’re an experienced yogi you might get bored, and if you’re brand new you could seriously injure yourself doing poses you’re not ready for. Yoga Burn is customizable, so you can push yourself but not any farther than you’re ready for.
  3. Progression is key. Have you ever noticed how studio yoga classes are pretty much the same every time? It makes sense for them because they have people coming and going all the time. But you aren’t going to see results if you keep doing the same workout over and over. You won’t get the lean body and “yoga booty” that you’re after unless you push yourself. Doing things that are a little uncomfortable at first is the only way you’ll get a killer body.

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Ready To Get Started? Click Here To Watch Zoe’s Short Presentation

So how is Yoga Burn different?

Zoe uses a concept called “dynamic sequencing” in her 12-week program, which is a step-by-step method to push you just enough to see progress but at the same time feel the relaxation that you crave.

With this program you start with an introductory video that gets you familiar with the main poses, and how to properly transition between each pose (something they don’t teach very well at most studios).

Next, you start with “Phase 1” which is a series of sessions that are about 40 minutes to 50 minutes long. There’s a logical progression from one video to the next, so each session builds on what you learned in the last one.

Once you’ve conquered Phase 1 you’ll be ready for Phase 2 – the “Transitional Flow” – which is going to build on all your progress and keep pushing you. Same goes for Phase 3 – the “Mastery Flow” phase. By the time you’re here you should be seeing some real benefits:

  • more toned body
  • weight loss
  • improved confidence
  • lower cortisol (your main stress hormone)
  • better posture
  • increased flexibility

Keep in mind that Yoga Burn is especially made for women (although men will get a good workout too). This is important because obviously women’s bodies are different than men, and tend to have certain “problem areas” that this program is designed to help address. After all, Zoe Bray Cotton is a female body transformation specialist so she knows what she’s talking about.

Prices and What You Get

With Yoga Burn you get instant access to the entire program which is about seven hours worth of videos. The videos are taught by Zoe herself so you benefit from all her years of being a yoga instructor. Everything is clearly explained so you can progress smoothly.

You’ll be able to access the program digitally immediately, plus you’ll the DVD collection sent to your home (with free shipping!). All of this currently costs $47. So it’s less than half the cost of one month of most yoga studios.

If you want to get two digital copies plus two physical copies it only costs $67. That makes it easy to partner up if you want to experience Yoga Burn with a friend.

What I Liked About Yoga Burn

  • Created by an internationally certified yoga instructor and designed especially for women
  • Works well for all experience levels – from total beginners to yoga veterans
  • Clear instructions so you won’t be confused
  • New and unique poses that you won’t learn elsewhere
  • None of the hippie nonsense that you hear at yoga studios
  • Nice blend of strength-building, metabolic work, and relaxation
  • Digital and physical copies available

What I Didn’t Like About Yoga Burn

  • You’ll need your own setup at home: a mat, a clean floor and a quiet space
  • If you’re completely new to yoga you might need to pause the videos at times so you can get oriented to the poses
  • Don’t expect it to be easy. The program will push you (but not any further than you can handle)

Final Thoughts On Yoga Burn

If you’re looking to get in great shape over the next 12 weeks, this program will be a fun journey. Thousands of women have experienced the benefits of Zoe Bray Cotton’s program already so it’s very likely it will work for you, burn download

Like I mentioned earlier in this review, I love how affordable this program is. It seems like yoga costs an arm and a leg these days, so I applaud Zoe for not charging as much as she could have.

Speaking of cost: there is a 60-day money back guarantee when you purchase. That will give you more than enough time to try it out, and if it’s not for you then the refund will be hassle-free. This is not some scam where the retailer disappears after you purchase. The program is sold through a secure and trustworthy online retailer with a support team and all.

A new body and a new level of health is just 12 weeks away. Will you give it a try?

To get started visit the Yoga Burn website here >><< to give it a try. Remember that you can get your full money back if it’s not a fit for you.