MassZymes Probiotics Review: Ingredients For Building Muscle?

MassZymes Probiotics Review: Ingredients For Building Muscle?

We all know it’s important to get enough protein and macronutrients. But it hardly matters how much protein you eat if you can’t digest it properly. Many of us are not digesting our food completely because we don’t have the right amount of enzymes.

Enzymes are molecules that break down food as it enters our body. From your mouth all the way through your digestive system, different enzymes work hard to release all the nutrients into our bloodstream where they can actually help us.

Unfortunately, toxins in our diet and environment wreak havoc on our natural enzymes. That’s where supplements such as BiOptimizers MassZymes enzyme formula come in. This review will explain why MassZymes are your best bet for fixing the problem.


Do You Really Need An Enzyme Supplement?

If you eat a clean, healthy diet, you’re probably wondering why you still need an enzyme supplement.

There are many reasons, but the primary one is our diets. Modern diets don’t have enough natural enzymes. This is one of the most overlooked problems in the diet and health industry.

You see, most raw plant foods naturally have enzymes in them. But these active enzymes get stripped away during preparation. This means that we have to use even more of our own enzymes for digestion, depleting our supply. BiOptimizers refers to this supply as your “enzyme bank account.”

Enzyme Deficiency Causes Protein Deficiency

According to Bioptimzers website, you might only be absorbing 40% or less of the protein you consume.

protein deficiencyAs you know, protein needs to be broken down into its essential components – amino acids – and absorbed into the body. If you lack the right enzymes, it doesn’t matter how much protein you consume because your body won’t absorb much.

This is known as bioavailability and it’s where MassZymes comes in. MassZymes is an enzyme formula that increases the bioavailability of protein in your diet, allowing you to efficiently absorb more of it.

Undigested Protein Gets Stuck In Your Digestive System

I was surprised to learn about what happens to undigested protein. Apparently it can become caked up in your digestive track, clogging your system. What’s worse, these buildups give bad bacteria a place to flourish inside your body.

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What About Over-The-Counter Enzyme Supplements?

You can find plenty of cheap enzyme supplements at the store, but you should be careful. Just because a formula says it has “digestive enzymes” it doesn’t mean they have all the enzymes you need.

In order to completely digest protein you need a group of enzymes called proteases. These are the enzymes that specifically target protein, and they need to be abundant in your digestive system.

Unfortunately, most enzyme supplements that you find at the store don’t have nearly enough proteases, if they even have them at all. They tend to have mostly enzymes that digest carbohydrates and fats, probably because those enzymes are much cheaper to make.

Cheaper enzymes mean more profits for big companies, but they do nothing for your health.

What Makes MassZymes Unique?

The fact that MassZymes has any protease at all makes it stand out from other supplements, but the quality is above-and-beyond. With MassZymes you get:

  • 85,000 HUTs of protease per capsule
  • Several types of proteases that work at different pH levels, corresponding to your digestive system
  • Vegan formula
  • Scientifically designed for athletes and bodybuilders (but works great for weekend warriors too)
  • Enzymes to digest fats and carbohydrates too, ensuring thorough digestion

MassZymes is a scientific grade formula that provides the exact enzymes your body needs. To my knowledge, this is the highest quality enzyme supplement on the market. It will give you a big advantage when it comes to physical performance.

masszymes formula

What If I’m Not An Athlete Or Bodybuilder?

No problem. The MassZymes formula will still do wonders for your energy levels and health.

You don’t need to eat a high-protein diet or exercise everyday to benefit from taking enzymes. No matter your activity level, you still need to absorb protein to function at your best.

Undigested food can sit in your system much longer than it should, clogging your system and slowing you down. And unless you eat a strict raw vegan diet, chances are this is happening to you right now.

About BiOptimzers

According to their website bio, BiOptimzers is a company with a goal of getting you to “optimum health.” They have a series of products that target common deficiencies in our modern diets.

The products are based around what they call their “bioptimization blueprint” which you can read about on their website. They take a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the importance of building a foundation of enzymes, probiotics and nutrients.

What Are The Benefits Of MassZymes?

You should start to notice some immediate benefits when you take MassZymes supplements, and some benefits will be long-lasting. These include:

  • Less gas and bloating
  • Increase in muscle size (hypertrophy) and strength
  • Quicker recovery between workouts
  • Smoother digestion
  • Increases in energy
  • Possible improved libido (reported by some)
  • Improved immune function – less chance of getting sick

There are also personal stories from people who take MassZymes on their website, including one from Mike Westerdal, the guy behind the Critical Bench program.

How It Works

For a reasonable monthly payment you can receive 1, 3, or 6 bottles of MassZymes. The website has recommendations for which package you should choose for your health needs.

The supplements are to be taken daily. You will take 1-3 capsules with meals, and 1-2 in between.

product label

Note: Keep in mind that MassZymes is a completely natural supplement. This is not some unproven performance enhancer with bad side effects.

Trial Period

According to the website there is a 60-day period where you can try MassZymes without risk. So if it isn’t working out for you, you can get a full refund. This is yet another difference between using BiOptimizers and buying supplements at health food stores, where you might not be able to get a refund.

Final Thoughts On MassZymes

If you’re serious about optimum performance, choosing the right protease is a must. Even if you eat a healthy diet, you are short-changing yourself if you ignore this critical area. In fact, your high-protein diet is quite possibly harming you if you’re not using a protease supplement like MassZymes.

The MassZymes formula is the gold standard for enzyme supplements. You get a complete set of proteases that work throughout the digestive system, as well as enzymes to digest carbs and fat. BiOptimizers offers MassZymes at an affordable price, despite the high cost of manufacturing.

You can continue eating lots of protein without absorbing most of it. Or you can give MassZymes a try for yourself to see the difference. Visit their website now >><< to take advantage of the opportunity.