Forward Head Posture Fix Review: No More “Text Neck”?

Forward Head Posture Fix Review: No More “Text Neck”?

Thanks to hours sitting at our computers and driving our cars, rounded shoulders and forward head posture are problems for up to 90% of people. Not only is “text neck” unsightly, it can actually cause a bunch of health problems and hurt athletic performance.

Physical therapist Rick Kaselj has created a program called Forward Head Posture Fix. It claims it will help improve your forward head posture and rounded shoulders in just a few minutes a day. I have serious computer neck so I gave the program a try. So this Forward Head Posture Fix review is based partly on my own experience.

What My Review Is Based On:

  • I purchased the program, read the ebook, watched the instructional videos, and now I do the routine regularly
  • I read through research about common postural problems for people who work at desks and drive cars (in other words basically everybody)

About Rick Kaselj

Rick Kaselj, PT

Rick Kaselj is a personal trainer, exercise therapist and kinesiologist. He is also the founder of Exercises For Injuries, a web resource for recovering from injuries, dealing with pain and improving posture.

According to his website, he began working as a trainer and exercise therapist but wasn’t getting the results he wanted for his clients using mainstream exercises and programs. So he now does his own research and comes up with programs for correcting common pains and injuries.

How Forward Head Posture Fix Works

The Forward Head Posture Fix manual first explains how you can self-assess how good your head posture is currently. This will give you a starting point to measure your progress.

text neck

You will do a sequence of movements, static stretches, a breathing exercise and self massage for about 10 minutes each day. The movements are simple and you can learn how to do them from the instructional videos you get. That’s pretty much it – just 10 minutes a day. Even if you only use it a few days a week you will still see a benefit.

But you have to do the exercises in order, and you should do them all together. Rick Kaselj says the sequence is the key to the program working properly. Doing a few stretches and movements randomly won’t have nearly the effect.

There are alternatives for each of the 11 exercises that he shows you in the videos. You can swap in any of the alternatives if you feel like it. I never tried any of the alternative exercises because it seemed like the main exercises were already working well, but I might try them at some point to mix things up.

Nearly everybody has forward head posture.

You’ll notice improvement from day 1, and major improvement after a couple weeks. And I don’t mean just improvements in your posture – you literally feel better after doing your 10 minutes of exercises. I continue to use Forward Head Posture Fix to this day and I feel better immediately afterward every time I do the sequence.

Prices and What You Get

forward head posture fix

Forward Head Posture Fix only costs $10. For that price you get the entire program, which includes:

  • Forward Head Posture Fix Instructional Manual (60 pages)
  • 3 instructional videos
  • 1 follow-along video (12 minutes and 30 seconds)
  • Exercise swaps (2 videos)
  • BONUS #1: Lower Back Lifestyle Audit (video)
  • BONUS #2: 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions (ebook)

What I Liked About Forward Head Posture Fix

  • It really works. I went from having constant neck tension and ugly text neck, to having good head and shoulder posture, in about 3 weeks.
  • Only takes 10 minutes a day. You can even alternate days if you’re really pressed for time.
  • Helps more than just posture. It relieves neck pain, boosts your mood, helps athletic performance, and makes you feel better all around.
  • You have the option of getting physical copies (book and DVD). It costs an extra $5.
  • Very easy-to-do exercises. There is nothing strenuous or hard on your joints.
  • Comes with 60-day money back guarantee

What I Didn’t Like About Forward Head Posture Fix

  • The self-assessment is a little hard to do by yourself. It helps if someone can take a picture of you.
  • It may not work for people with really severe forward head posture. (He explains how to tell if that’s you.) But those are only rare cases.

Last Thoughts On Forward Head Posture Fix

Rick Kaselj’s solution to text neck, rounded shoulders, and forward head posture is wildly popular, and for good reason: it works. Thanks to desks and cellphones, most of us need this program. So it’s not surprising that the people who try it find it so beneficial.

Even if you eat healthy and work out, neglecting your posture will cause problems now and in the future. You can take care of this by doing the program each day for a few weeks, and then keep doing it as you’d like to maintain your new posture.

You probably need this program, and you can try it risk-free because of the 60-day guarantee. Start now by visiting Rick Kaselj’s website >>Forward Head Posture Fix<< and take a look for yourself.

  1. There are so many scams out there. Maybe one of these offers should give one preview of an actual exercise so one could see if this is legit or another scam to take ,oneynfrom innocent people

    • Hi LD, I agree that there are a lot of scams out there. But this program is definitely not one of them. If you want to get an idea of the types of exercises I recommend checking out Rick Kaselj’s videos on YouTube.