Welcome to Health Skeptic! My name is Sam and I made this website to give you my honest opinions about popular natural health products and supplements.

There are tons of health scams out there these days and sometimes it’s hard to tell the real from the ridiculous. And there are way too many biased and dishonest product reviews online.

Health Skeptic is different. My reviews are honest and thorough.

Here’s What This Website Will Do For You:

You’ll get detailed and accurate information about the products you’re interested in. Nobody wants to waste their money on scams, so you can read my review before you make up your mind.

Why Natural Health Products?

Because I believe alternative treatments are overlooked far too often by our medical system. There are so many health problems that can easily be treated by natural means. But unfortunately naturopathic and “alternative” health still gets a bad rap. My goal is to shed light on what really works.

Have We Used All Of These Products?

I try to use as many as possible. But as Health Skeptic grows it’s not always realistic for me to try every single supplement, workout or diet I review (it’s hard being a human Guinea pig!). That said, I thoroughly research 100% of the products I review.

How Does This Site Make Money?

After I give an honest review of the product, I may provide a link to either learn more or buy. In some cases I may be compensated for sales derived through this website.

I think many of the products I review are high quality, and I will tell you so. But that doesn’t mean I’m trying to sell you on anything. You are an intelligent person and will buy these products based on their own merits – I am just offering you my (informed) opinion.


Thanks for stopping by!

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